Smart Asset Management through underground network visibility

The OXEMS Smartphone App

Earlier this year, Dr Jalil Oraee announced OXEMS’ intention to make key aspects of the OXEMS System available on multiple devices. Kevin Gooding, OXEMS Vice President Operations, has now confirmed that work on the Smartphone App is well underway: “The new OXEMS App, which will enable authorised users to upload photographs and other critical data related to tagged assets, and monitor a range of data via a user-friendly dashboard, is in development and will be available to our clients from this summer onwards.”


The OXEMS Solution enables utilities to locate, identify and manage buried underground assets. The integrated Solution consists of OXEMS’ Tags, PDA/App, Web-based tools and Detector. Positions of ‘points of interest’ on underground assets are physically defined by attaching OXEMS unique Tags which are then re-locatable with 100% accuracy. Reliable performance of the OXEMS System is assured via innovative RF technology (RF-BarcodeTM) and the fact that any amount of photographic and other critical information can be associated and held in the cloud so that it is available to authorised users anytime, anywhere.