Smart Asset Management through underground network visibility

A Unique Approach to Underground Asset Tagging

Few would now argue that, in an increasingly ‘smart’ world, at a time when the Internet of Things is set to enable all manner of new capabilities, there is any sense in leaving utilities’ underground pipes and cables as dumb or dumber than they were in Roman times. In fact, the idea of tagging underground assets and linking them to an above-ground database is now gaining increasing acceptance.
But there are several types of tagging system. The uniqueness of the OXEMS System lies in the fact that, because the OXEMS tag does NOT use traditional RFID technology or include any internal “write to” media, it is foolproof and future proof. All of the intelligence is above the ground. That’s why the OXEMS Tag is fully patented.
This enables the Tag to function reliably as one of the three key elements in an integrated system that transforms underground-asset management by linking real points on an asset to a continually updateable database. After all, the value is in the information.
So significant is all of this that the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) used OXEMS as a case study. To take a look, go here: epsrc pipe dreams.